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HUE Power

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HUE Power

Use your phone as a remote to turn up the brightness, quickly toggle lights on and off, switch colors and save your favorite ones.

Great lights control
- Control HUE lights individually
- Turn ON/OFF and set brightness of HUE lights from the main screen
- Use a master fader to fine tune the brightness of your active lights
- Power-on Behavior feature. Set what your lights do when they are powered on.

Manage your lights as groups
- Create groups to control your HUE lights together with one single touch
- Set all HUE lights to the same color and brightness with "All lights group"

Snapshots - Capture a moment
- Save all active lights' status into a snapshot and call it back later
- You can use the snapshots as scenes as before in the Philips HUE app
- Manage your snapshots independently from each other. Turn them ON/OFF separately and manage their details
- Create snapshots and save it on your Philips HUE bridge to share it with your friends and family members
- You can create public or private snapshots (scenes). Public snapshots are for everyone who use the bridge and private snapshots are only visible to you
- Fine dim snapshots if it’s too bright or too dark for the given part of the day

Timer function
- Set a wake up or sleep timer for your HUE lights

Multi-Bridge Support:

- Easily use more than one Philips HUE bridges at the same time
- Merge lights from two or more bridge and save them into a group or snapshot!
- You can only see those lights which belong to the bridge(s) connected to the same (WiFi) network as you do. For example your home lights won't appear when you are at your friend's house or at your office, using their HUE system