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Hue Move for Philips Hue

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Hue Move for Philips Hue

The only app that lets you translate your movements into lights. Sync your lights with the way you move! Super easy! Just press play and dance! You’ll see your lights reacting to your moves like magic!

• Want to use the app effortlessly? No problem! Hue Move comes with an Apple Watch app! Control your lights by just shaking your wrist! On the Apple Watch, Hue Move integrates with the Health app to record and display information about your dance workout such as: the duration of your workout, the number of calories burned while dancing, your heart rate while dancing! (To use the app on your Apple Watch, an iPhone is required to set up the connection).

• Want to really shake up the room? Hue Move comes with a fast Flashing Mode (strobe) that will bring out the dance floor!

• There is even a “compass mode” which synchronizes lights’ color depending on which direction your device is facing!

• Not in a dance mood? No problem! Set the custom light settings as you like them and let the app set the mood for you without moving. You’d have nothing to do, just sit back and enjoy the light show!

• You like taking control huh? Say no more! Hue move comes with several custom settings that you can play with and set the mood the way you like it. Control the colors, brightness, saturation, and more!!

• Want only fast movements to trigger light effects? No problem, just set up the motion sensitivity setting the way you like it!

• This app is the mood booster you need to make any room a dance floor!

• Requirements:
- You need a Philips Hue Bridge and at least one smart light connected to your bridge.

• Need Help?
Feel free to send a message to: [email protected]
Alexandre Wali