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Hue Control

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Hue Control

This App can be used with Philips Hue Lights

With this app you can control your lights with your iOS device AND Apple Watch!

The app can be used to create groups with lights and control them all at once or control lights individually. For this to work you need the Philips Hue lights.

With the Widget you can control some presets without the need to open the app! Without even unlocking your phone or tablet!

With iCloud your widget settings will be shared with ALL your iOS devices!

With Scenes you can save your personal recipes so you can recall those at any time or even schedule them at a specific or random time with Schedules!

If you are in a Light/Group Detail screen, you can shake your device and the chosen light will change to a random color!

With iBeacons you can link a scene to a beacon which enables you to turn on a scene when you enter the room and when you leave the room turning the lights off.*

* iBeacons are sold separately. (Tested with AprilBeacon and GlimWorm)
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