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HSYCO is an innovative software framework for home and building automation applications.
It is highly scalable, portable, secure, reliable and customizable. HSYCO combines an efficient HTML5 GUI, with web-based design tools, and an extensive Java and JavaScript server API for the automation and control logic.

The HSYCO App lets you easily connect to your HSYCO Server, in a more convenient way than traditional Web-based access. HSYCO Remote can use Touch ID for authentication, and handles your PIN/PUK credentials automatically in the background.

HSYCO App allows you to define your favourite interfaces and to quickly switch between them. It also supports rotation lock and kiosk mode.

HSYCO App also offers Apple Watch support, so you can send any command to your HSYCO Server using your Apple Watch. And if you have multiple HSYCO Servers, a simple swipe on Apple Watch will immediately switch from one server to another.

HSYCO S.r.l. develops state-of-the-art solutions for home and building automation systems. Combining a clever design and unparalleled integration of leading technologies, we upgrade buildings to a different level of comfort, security and energy efficiency.
HSYCO S.r.l.