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HRV Score

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HRV Score

HRV Score requires additional hardware, a chest strap style
heart rate sensor that is able to transmit unaltered R-R intervals over Bluetooth 4.0. For a list of compatible sensors, please see


Workout Library
• Extensive Search Functionality
• Continuous Updates
• 400+ Workouts Including:
- CrossFit Open, Regional and Games Workouts
- Hero WOD's
- Benchmark Workouts
• Create New Workouts

Workout Timer
• Heart Rate Tracking
• Large, Clear Display
• Audio Cues
• Recovery Test

Workout Logs
• Organize
• Analyze

Share Workouts and Scores
• Integrates with HealthKit
• Send by E-mail, Text Message
• Instagram
• Add Calendar Events

HRV, Heart Rate Variability Measurements
• Use Chest Strap Style Sensor
• Use Apple Watch (read limitations below)
• Extensive Reading Customisation
• Reminders

Daily Notes
• Searchable with History
• Tracks result for Completed Workouts

HRV Score has the functionality to import HRV readings
made by the Apple Watch. However, HRV Score can not
start HRV readings on the Apple Watch.

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