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HRV Score

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HRV Score


Workout Library
• Extensive Search Functionality
• Continuous Updates
• 400+ Workouts Including:
- CrossFit Open, Regional and Games Workouts
- Hero WOD's
- Benchmark Workouts
• Create New Workouts

Workout Timer
• Heart Rate Tracking
• Large, Clear Display
• Audio Cues
• Recovery Test

Workout Logs
• Organize
• Analyze

Share Workouts and Scores
• Integrates with HealthKit
• Send by E-mail, Text Message
• Instagram
• Add Calendar Events

HRV, Heart Rate Variability Measurements
• Use Chest Strap Style Sensor or Apple Watch
• Extensive Reading Customisation
• Reminders

Daily Notes
• Searchable with History
• Tracks results for Completed Workouts

HRV Score requires additional hardware, a chest strap style
heart rate sensor that is able to transmit RR intervals over

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