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HRM Fit Club

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HRM Fit Club

HRM Fit Club enables fitness coaches, gym owners, kickboxing studios, cycle clubs, boot camps, and CrossFit locations the ability to create private communities (within HRM Fit Club) where members share their workout activities and intensity with other athletes of their private clubs. The real power of HRM Fit Club is the social engagement it offers to members in each club by competing on leaderboards and posting achievements helping motivate people to be held accountable for their fitness routines and goals.

For athletes, HRM Fit Club is a workout tracking app that helps you understand your workout intensity and how it compares with other people in your private club. Workouts can be in the gym, outdoors, at home, on-zoom, or while following fitness videos on-demand.

Athletes usually start using HRM Fit Club because they wer invited by a gym owner, however, anyone can download and use HRM Fit Club free of charge and join our global HRM Fit Club. HRM Fit Clubs are created by gym, fitness, and athletic departments via our web portal. See our website for details.

Use your Apple Watch or connect any Bluetooth heart rate monitor for heart rate and see your real-time calorie, active heart rate zone, and points earned. We support over 70 different workout types, including Kickboxing, HIIT, Running, Cycling, Hiking, Cardio, Rowing, Walking, and more.

HRM Fit Club has five heart rate zones so you can understand your exercise intensity at a glance on our App or Apple Watch. Each zone is color-coded based on your BPM as a percentage of your max heart rate.

1. BLUE - This is 59% or below your max heart rate (HR). It usually includes your resting heart rate, warm-up, and recovery rate. 1 point for every full minute in this zone.
2. GREEN - This is 60% to 69% of your max HR. This is considered a light workout activity as well as an excellent recovery zone during HIIT workouts. 2 points/minute.
3. YELLOW - This is 70% to 79% of your max HR. This is a moderate activity zone, perfect for steady-state endurance activities like running, biking, rowing, etc. 3 points/minute.
4. ORANGE - This is 80% to 89% of your max HR. This is an intense activity zone, perfect for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and is a popular zone for burning body fat. 4 points/minute.
5. RED - This is 90+% of your max HR. This is the highest zone, for vigorous training, for an all-out effort. 5 points/minute.

- Support for connecting any Bluetooth heart rate monitor or using your Apple Watch
- Monitor real-time heart rate intensity on your iPhone and Apple Watch (when used)
- Compete in activity leaderboards and share workouts in a private community in the app or on social media you choose.
- Participate in challenges within your club created by your Club owner.
- Share your workout results within your club’s community bulletin board. Members can like and comment on your posts.
- See your points earned, max and average heart rate, and calories burned in real-time as you work out and get a summary of your workout emailed to you after every workout and a summary of your workouts at the end of each month.
- Share your workout intensity, including zone, BPM, Points, and duration in "Real-Time" to your coach remotely, or during Zoom.

We value your privacy and never share or sell any user information.

- We read your biometrics from Apple Health to calculate your real-time calorie burn.
- We save your workout data to Apple Health Kit allowing it to count towards your activity rings.

Requires a series 3 or later.


Connect any standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor, armband, or chest strap. Use your Polar, CooSpo, Wahoo, Whoop, iLoveKickboxing, and Scosche Rhythm to name a few.