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HRM Fit Club

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HRM Fit Club

HRM Fit Club is a mobile application that tracks physical fitness workouts utilizing Bluetooth enabled Heart Rate Monitors (HRM). Members receive real time data from their HRM, including calories burned, time in 5 different heart rate zones and points earned based on minutes spent in each zone. All workout data is effortlessly collected and stored in a secure, private cloud.

Members of HRM Fit Club select a participating club to participate in a community bulletin board and leaderboard. The real power of HRM Fit Club is the social engagement it offers to members in each club. Competing in leaderboards and posting achievements are exactly what people need to be held accountable for their fitness routines and goals.

HRM Fit Clubs are created by gym, fitness, and social leaders via our web portal. See our website for details.

HRM Fit Club allows members to:

> Supports all Bluetooth enabled Heart Rate Monitors. The following HRM has been tested by our team (Polar OH1, CooSpo, and iLoveKickboxing). See our website for a complete list of devices that have been tested.

> Record, store, and track every single heartbeat during your workout.

> View calories burned, average heart rate, and max heart rate during the workout.

> Earn points based on the number of minutes spent in 5 different heart rate zones.

> Participate in challenges within your club created by your Club Managers.

> Share your workout results within your club’s community bulletin board. Members can like and comment on your posts.

> Easily share your workout results with other social media platforms.

> Automatically stores your individual workout history.

> Track workout history over time, including week, month, year, and all time. View Total 
Workouts, Total Calories, and Total Points earned for each period.

> Stores and remembers your previously paired Bluetooth HRMs making it very simple to reconnect to the devices you use the most.

> Control your music from the real-time HRM feedback display. Skip tracks without ever leaving the screen.