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Exclusively available on the Apple Watch. iPhone update coming soon!

Use your Apple Watch to help you lock down your house for the night. As you walk around checking doors and lights, your Apple Watch keeps track of it all. When you climb into bed, you can glance and see that your HouseCheck is complete. We call this moment, "peace of mind".

HouseCheck let's you track:
• Doors
• Lights
• Windows
• Appliances
• Family members
• Pets
• and anything else you care about

Note about Privacy:
HouseCheck does not transmit any personally identifiable information. We don't know who you are nor where you live, and we don't want to!

HouseCheck is an app you use for 30 seconds...each day. It remembers everything you care to check before retiring to bed. 10 hours after you've checked everything, the app automatically resets all of your items to an unchecked state. That way when you are ready to check the house the following night, the app is ready to go.

Grab the app, use it, love it, and leave a positive review!

HouseCheck: be sure, be safe.
Freetail Interactive