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House of Bexley

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House of Bexley

House Of Bexley Jewelry for Apple Watch – Heart Edition

Your Apple Watch is a beautiful piece of personal jewelry. Make it even more beautiful with House of Bexley Jewelry, Heart Edition, for Apple Watch.

Indulge in the full beauty and glamor of your new Apple Watch with House of Bexley Digital Jewelry for the Apple Watch. Large, stunning heart cut gemstones are rendered in the full luxurious retina resolution of the sapphire or glass face of your watch.

House of Bexley Jewelry for Apple Watch is highly customizable and interactive. Choose from five colors of jewels (Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst and Sapphire) for your center gem and also choose from four colors of brilliant cut stones for your surrounding loop of twelve smaller diamonds. (Diamond, Green Diamond, Black Diamond or Amethyst).

There are 18 beautiful backgrounds on which your customized jewelry can be displayed, including leathers, velvets, satins and many others.

Touching your jewels on the watch face will make them sparkle even more or move about in a way possible only to digital jewelry.

With beautiful new designs coming out regularly, House of Bexley Digital Jewelry takes you and your Apple Watch on a luxurious journey exploring the future of jewelry.

House of Bexley: Purveyors of Fine Interactive Digital Jewelry for the Apple Watch Since 2015
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