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When time doesn't fly, countdown in style with Hourglass.

Hourglass is a minimalistic countdown clock for iPhone. It's simplistic, easy to use, and has a beautiful design.


- Beautiful, Minimal Design: The flagship feature of Hourglass is its incredible design. The sleek, black background blends seamlessly with the device bezel. No complicated features or in-app purchases, just a clear design with easily readable text.

- Multiple Time Units: Simply tap the time remaining to switch between seconds, minutes, hours, and days.

- Visual Progress Indicator: The beautiful blue ring surrounding the time indicates the progress of the time remaining to an event.

- Unlimited Countdowns: Countdown to as many events as your heart desires. Simply swipe left or right to switch countdowns, and get an overview of all your countdowns by going back to the Countdowns list

- Sharable Content: Easily E-mail, Text, or Tweet the time left to an event by tapping the Share icon.

- Push Notifications: Get notified when a countdown finally finishes.

- Notification Center Widget: Instead of having to open Hourglass, just swipe down to view your Countdowns in the Notification Centre.

- Compatible with Apple Watch: Now, you can easily view your countdowns quickly and easily, right on your wrist!
Mat Cartmill