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Hotspring,Sento Review & infomaition Share Map【+Plus】

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Hotspring,Sento Review & infomaition Share Map【+Plus】

Terumaeromae good old days
Immediately and with tub and towels and soap GO!

Public bath, hot spring day spa review information sharing MAP-kun [+ Plus] is,
And as early as MAP display speed because the ad display is not at all, much comfort from immediately after installation until the end!

■ It is the purpose of the application you want to share information in a user-like each other.
Let us share information Join Now if there is a good facility.

-Day spa, health land, public bath, spa, further
Let's share information until the day bathing OK facilities in the hot spring inn.

[Function to search from the map / You are here]
◎ you can search the public bath and day spa and hot springs inn to choose the location where you want to go from the map.
looking for a public bath,
The next weekend , see Mount Fuji in the public bath of Near Field.
Feel the Japanese culture and the foreign friends together
Holidays in the hot spring inn with rooms with open-air bath
to spend slowly ...
Anniversary with her, I can be mixed bathing in private baths
go to hot spring trip in Hakone ...
Etc. etc., we will answer the demand.

◎ I can look a day spa and hot springs inn in the vicinity of the current location.
During the drive, I was tempted to go near the hot springs ...
Wondering if hot spring no inn can stay in this area ...
That's it! Let's go to a public bath ...
You will answer to your wish and so on.