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Hot spring spa information Map

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Hot spring spa information Map

■ It is the purpose of the app to share information in a user-like each other.
Let the information to register as soon as there is a good facility share

- Day spa, health spa, public bath, spa, further
Chaimashou share information until the day bathing OK facilities in the hot spring inn

[Function to search from the map / You are here]
◎ You can search the public bath and day spa and hot springs inn to choose the location where you want to go from the map.
I want to find a public bath
The next weekend I want to see Mount Fuji in the public bath not far away
I want to taste the Japanese culture with foreign friends
In consecutive holidays some of the rooms with open-air bath Onsen Ryokan
I want to spend slowly ...
Anniversary with her, can be mixed bathing in private baths
We want to go to a hot spring trip of Hakone ...
Etc., to meet the demand.

◎ you find a day spa and hot spring inn in the vicinity of the current location.
During the drive, I wanted to go to the nearby hot springs ...
Wonder if there is no hot spring inn can stay in this area ...
That's it! Let's go to a public bath ...
You can also narrow the purpose of the condition
It is also possible to display only the place where you want to go private, open-air and health Land
Etc., to meet firm also desire of lovers.

◎ navigation function
Bathhouse, hot spring pin which is registered on the map is possible GPS navigation from all You are here
Navi walk, train, can also be used as a car navigation system is possible to investigate the arrival time in the car!
Etc., to meet firm also to the family of desire.

◎ sharing of information
Pin on the map you can have all of the user you want to add to the new.
Nearby public bath, secret of the hidden spring, let's share the information with other users!
It does not is a leading information about reviews than the magazine.

◎ detailed information
Pat information of the registered pin Izumi Rates from quality, from the facility information to business hours!
I will try immediately to the secret hot spring looking for? ?

◎ Apple watch correspondence
Good news for those who have the Apple Watch!

◎ public bath hot springs are all things!
Let's use observe the manners.
Voyeur, peeping Let's never stop because it is a criminal act! !

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