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Hospital map

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Hospital map

An app that shows emergency hospitals for dealing with injuries and illnesses

I just moved and I don't know the hospital.
Besides big hospitals, dentists and health checkups,
You can search for rehabilitation, etc.

From neurosurgery to pediatrics and internal medicine, of course
It's hard to talk to people around you,
You can search for detailed hospitals such as dermatology and proctology.

With the comment function, you can see the word of mouth, so
Whether or not there is a kids corner,
You can find the hospital that suits you at a glance.

[Main functions of hospital map]

・ In addition to building information, you can also check detailed information such as address, phone number and charges.

・ Hospital information can be changed by the user, so new information will be added.

・ Tap the "magnifying glass mark" to check hospital information in detail and search.

・ Because you can post reviews, you can share your impressions of using the hospital with other people who have downloaded the app.

・ You can grasp what kind of medical facility it is at a glance with 3 types of pins and colors.

・ When you tap the date button on the calendar, the reservation screen will appear, so you can easily make a reservation once you have entered the necessary information.

・ If you register as a member, you will be able to use your own convenient pages.

-You can block a comment by long-pressing the corresponding comment.

Deliver the information you need, when you need it, to those who need it at a glance.
The hospital information sharing map is for those who use hospitals, those who want to find a hospital in the future,
It was created with the idea that we want as many people as possible to use it.

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