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HOS Smart Home Operator Live

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HOS Smart Home Operator Live

HOS Smart Home Operator Live is the smart solution for Hotel Room Automation, a full-featured home automation software with support for Apple HomeKit, KNX, BACnet, digitalSTROM, and TCP/IP protocols, compatible with almost every TCP/IP controlled device with TLS1.2 Transport Layer Security or newer.

Providing Live values for all Smart devices showing the actual 3D Animated image of the device with Live Values represent the actual percentage (or other units) of the device while it’s working.

Ai technology visually detects all smart devices in your house using the devices camera live mode or the pre selected wallpaper.

Live Alarm System & Status views shows many device status in animated 3D like Device Alarm, Device Fault Status, Device Out of Service, Device Low Battery, Light Hue Color, Device Tampered , Fan Swing Mode, and many more.

Dynamic 3D Animation reacts exactly as it do in real world, like a Fan that turns faster as the actual rotation speeding or a light that changing color status as the real bulb changing its hue.

Hi Quality Sound Effects reflects the real sound of each smart device as it operates in real world, Like opening and closing a sprinkler or faucet, turning on/off a light switch, rotating a thermostat knob, running a ceiling or a desk fan and many also for HVAC units.

One touch Scene recorder allow the guest to store 4 presets of all devices together Even from different protocols (for Apple HomeKit, BACnet, KNX) on each zone so it’s like 24 scenes for each room.

Improved Apple Watch Presets/Scenes playing recorded Scenes for Apple HomeKit, BACnet, KNX, and digitalSTROM Including The Global Events View and Control Panel

The App is fully supporting voice commands for all Apple HomeKit paired devices using Siri Voice Commands.

HOS Smart Home Operator Live is a companion app which allow you to run a ready made smart home pre prepared by other HOS Products, though it is working with all functions Exactly the same as the full version except that you can not add new devices using this edition, rather you can do so by other HOS Products, Mean while you can change Profiles, Smart Buttons Shapes, Smart Buttons Positions, Room Wallpapers and Even Save all on your personal cloud and move it between other devices Like AppleTV Or Other iPhones/iPads.

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Got) technology allow you to use your iPhone/iPad camera to add real rooms / devices photos / skins to be controlled by a simple touch. VR (Virtual Reality) simulate the exact actions of the real push button wall / in-line switches in your room with a set-up easier than setting a channel on your conventional TV.

Multi Layers Option Allowing you to Add A transparent layer of alpha pictures on each others to build your own unique custom room design making home control real & more user friendly.

One on one voice assisted tutorial makes it easy for the average hotel guest to understand the basics of controlling & monitoring HOS Operator App.

A dedicated library of rooms profiles and Animated remote controls skins professionally designed to meet with most modern hotel rooms, SCADA and BMS standards.

This is an all devices App (iPhone/iPad, Apple Watch, and AppleTV) which means you can pay for one device and download the app for all other devices for free.

Main Features:
- Controls light, wall / inline switches, thermostats, door locks, garage doors, water valves, energy monitors, environmental sensors, cameras and more.
- Runs all Apple HomeKit, digitalSTROM, KNX, BACnet & TCP/IP devices and protocols.
- User friendly animated customized on screen switches simulate exact actions of the real push button switches.
- Advanced monitor / control view checks indoor / outdoor temperature, humidity, and electricity consumption.
- Status control system for panic, leave/arrive, fire, wake/hibernate & alarms (digitalSTROM).
- Full control of SONOS speakers with TTS (text to speech) for system commands, warning alerts, and entertainment.
Ahmed El-Bermawy