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Horror spot map

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Horror spot map

In fact ... it may be the place where you live, or the area where you have some problems.

Have you been suspicious in your neighborhood recently?

Actually, there may have been an incident or accident in your neighborhood in the past.

Is there a place where your spine freezes?

Just because you don't know, there are many incidents and problems happening every day in the world.

Know the dangerous places for security.

I was able to search for incidents and accidents that happened close to me for crime prevention

[Security information, Iwaki property, accident site search function and haunted pin function]

◇ GPS function of MAP

You can use the map to find out the problem case, the location of the property, and the route to get there from your location.

Since it has a navigation function, we will guide you to the mystery spot without hesitation!

It's up to you whether you open the door to fear or you might encounter an uncanny curiosity and a wonder experience (sweat)

Maybe it's the scene of a brutal incident.

* Please do not approach dangerous places for security.

◇ Accident property / case details

You can easily and easily check the information you want to know, such as the date and time when the incident or accident occurred, the location and building information, by tapping the “ghost pin” on the map.

Is detailed information an urban legend? Or is it a voice that tells the truth? . Google is not recommended to google the content written here.

It may be "search words that should not be searched". Please be careful when browsing if you are interested!

Information called psychic spots is also posted, so if you can not suppress the scary things, why not try a hard drive or drive?

In rare cases, there is something that seems to be "wh?

Add new information and exchange information

Tap the posting mark, move the cursor to the problem site you want to input on the MAP, and tap the decision button.

Then, you can add an accident property by creating a new “ghost pin” with new problem information.

Is there no wonder at your school? Any friends who didn't come back in that tunnel?

** Never let the birth of a new "ghost" pinch with mischief. Unexpected curses and misfortunes may hit you (cry) ※※

Search for the site you are interested in

By tapping the "magnifying glass mark" on the screen, a search item list is displayed on the MAP, and you can search for more detailed incidents and accidents that happened around you.

The house where you live. . Maybe a "ghost" pin is stuck?

How about the next apartment, the opposite apartment? Where do you travel? Are you sure you don't have to re-select the property you plan to move?

We recommend that you first check if the property introduced in real estate is an accident property with this app.

Real estate may hide that fact and keep it secret. .

◇ Update / edit information

If the information of the "ghost pin" that has already been born is old, you can replace it with new information that you have.

Urban legend teller that all users have editing authority. And talk!

Real-time information confirmation with comment function

The detailed information alone is just a scary story stop at the city legend level.

Isn't there any more true voice than those who actually saw the accident property or those who went to the test?

Would you like to form a mystery lovers meeting to exchange information? Some guests may not be invited (sweat)

◇ Camera function

Since it has a camera function, you can comment on the situation of the incident at the time, upload photos of the site, and provide information to everyone who downloads this application.

Please refrain from the act of processing an image or a photo to create a photo or a photo.

* Please do not hesitate to create new information, create a new "ghost" pin, enter the information, and provide it to everyone.