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Hooloop is the family living room on your phone. Anytime is a good time to talk.
It works like a group call, except people do not need to be present all at the same time. Just say it to everyone at any time; and they'll listen when it's convenient for them. It's a time-shift conversation that brings the family together.

Family relationships are the most important relationships we have. But today as messaging technology advances and more people hide behind their keyboard, we are slowly becoming less connected with those we love and let our family ties fade. At Hooloop we want to reverse that course, starting with something very simple – talking.

=== FEATURES ===
• Hilarious Sound Stickers – Add funny sound effects to your family conversation.
• Talking Photos – Add a voice over to the photos you share.
• Auto play – Sit back and let new messages play back automatically without having to do anything
• Motion Control – Raise the phone to your ear to play or record new messages
Hooloop Corporation