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Hong Kong Airport Flight Info.

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Hong Kong Airport Flight Info.

2016 March 23: Critical Data Bug Fix
2016 Feb 13: Data problem fixed.
2016 Jan 25: Please click on the flight, then you could see parking bay, handling agent and aircraft type.

Real Time Flight Information for Hong Kong International Airport
香港國際機場 - 即時航班資訊

[=== Features === ]

* Real time flight information
* Passenger Arrivals
* Passenger Departures
* Cargo Arrivals
* Cargo Departures
* 4 days flight schedules in a single list
* Flight, destination, origin search
* Zoom to current flight
* Auto updates flight info
* Super friendly user interface
* Support Chinese and English interface
* Delayed flight, highlighted red, early arrival, highlighted yellow

[=== Who uses this App? === ]

Anyone who need to check Hong Kong airflight information.

Especially for whose works in airport, need to regularly check flight information. The user interface is highly customized to ease usage.

Paid version support apple watch. One ads may be shown once per hour for ongoing maintenance effort.