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HomiSmart is a family of interconnected smart devices that give you the ability to control your electricity and home/office appliances from anywhere!
All you need is HomiSmart device and internet connection, download the app, and enjoy full smart online control to your chosen HomiSmart devices.
HomiSmart devices includes:Smart Main control unit , smart wall sockets & smart switches .

HomiSmart smart devices & App helps you:
· Having smart home/office without changing the regular electrical infrastructure.
· Getting online status indication of any HomiSmart connecting devices.
· Easy control .
· Connect up to 60 devices with one Main control unit .
· Set up timers electronically (one or few) for any operation repeating .
· Save Money - Getting online energy consumption, enjoy efficient usage that will allow you to reduce your bills.
· Shut down chosen devices in just one press button.

HomiSmart system enable you to turn on/off appliances remotely, set timers for returning events, get reminders for devices that are turned on/off and several others useful convenient features for your easy control.
The multiple timer features enable you save energy by turning off home/office appliances when you don’t use them.
Multi-language – supporting 15 languages : English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Amharic, Hungarian.
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