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Control your home using the iPhone or iPad!

The HomeWizard app requires a HomeWizard* (device).

The HomeWizard connects your iPhone/iPad to existing wireless systems from various manufacturers such as KlikAanKlikUit, Cresta, TFA, Somfy and Wattcher. The HomeWizard makes it possible to control lights and other devices using your iPad or iPhone. It’s also equipped to send push notifications when your doorbell is pressed and is even capable to receive data from wireless weather station equipment or real-time energy measuring devices. The HomeWizard app can also be used to control your curtains, blinds or garage doors. The app connects with your own WiFi network for internet access and automatic firmware updates. With our HomeWizard Online service you can easily connect to your HomeWizard wherever you are, whenever you need to (

In short HomeWizard allows you to:
- Toggle lights and other home appliances using wireless switches.
- Add IP-camera's to view a live feed from your house, anywhere you are, with the possibility to control your lights/house at the same time.
- Control your thermostat and set the right temperature in your house while driving home.
- Create scenes to toggle multiple lights with the tap of a button and add timers to automate your home appliances.
- Enable our easy to use ‘Awareness System’ to send notifications when surface mount contacts, motion detectors, smoke dectectors and doorbells are activated. Link these with a camera to receive a snapshot when a sensor is activated!
- With 'Actions', you can control your lights on the basis of various conditions such as time and sensor activity: make sure all your lights turn on when a motion detector is activated, but only between 24.00 and 07.00 and turn them off again after 5 minutes!
- Support for KlikAanKlikUit and Elro switches, dimmers, and other receivers.
- Receive temperature, wind, precipitation and UV data from compatible weather sensors and plot the data in graphs.
- Measure your electricity consumption in real-time or monitor the energy generated by your solar panels.
- Control Somfy RTS receivers which are widely used for automated sunblinds, curtains and garage doors.

*The HomeWizard Device is available for purchase at

With HomeWizard's introduction it has finally become easy, affordable and most of all, fun, to automate your home. As opposed to the Toon from Eneco, the Nuon E-manager, Tahoma from Somfy or the e-inzicht and e-thermostaat from Essent, HomeWizard is an independent platform without hidden recurring fees. It is invented, designed and produced in the Netherlands by entrepreneurs who use their product on a daily basis. You wouldn't be the first one to appreciate this difference, try it out for yourself!
HomeWizard B.V.