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HomeWizard Energy

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HomeWizard Energy

Knowledge is power

How much energy do you use? What appliances consume the most? We help you get a better understanding of your energy usage.
Insight like never before

How much power do your solar panels generate? How much gas is used during showering? How well is my house isolated? How much power is your heat pump or electric car using? HomeWizard Energy helps you understand your home and save.
See how much you save

View what you are using right now or the history of your home and compare your usage over days, weeks, months or years in beautifully detailed graphs. Enter your own tariffs and get accurate calculations of the costs so you know what to expect.

For the Energy App you need additional hardware such as: HomeWizard P1 meter, HomeWizard kWh meter, HomeWizard Energy Socket or HomeWizard Watermeter.

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