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Companionship is a confession of the parents' longest love.

HomeTime is an efficiency tool that records and reminds you to stay with your parents and loved ones. I don't know if you've ever felt like this, but suddenly you're afraid that your parents will slowly grow old, and we keep working hard for a better life, but we neglect the most essential happiness.

We always believe in a long time to come, thinking a little later, a little later, the next time, the next time, but they can't afford to wait for the phone calls we haven't made for a long time, and even more so, they can't afford to wait for the train that only goes home once a year, and we don't know how much time is left.

HomeTime reminds you that if you're busy at work, you have time to spend with your family, so you can spend more time with your parents while they're still alive.

◆ HomeTime has a rich built-in avatar library, events library, and photo library, such as.

- Remember your parents' birthdays.
- Take your parents on a trip.
- Accompanying parents for an annual medical checkup
- Go hiking with your parents.
- Watch a movie with your parents.
- Help your mother with the housework.
- Get in shape with your father.
- Ikea shopping with your wife

◆ What are the features of HomeTime?

- Family members: support for custom family members with drag-and-drop sorting, built-in rich avatars and colors
- Personal matters: You can create matters for different family members, and a rich library of matters is built in
- Parental companionship: enter your parent's date of birth and lifespan to see what else you can do with your parents for the rest of your days
- Companionship time: see at a glance the time progress, distance days, hours, etc
- Time of the year: not only can you create future plans/projects, but also add things that have been done
- Create items: goal/completion time Support daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, specific date selection, and also support the whole point reminder setting
- Public and lunar calendar switching: support the public and lunar calendar free switching, write down the events of each of your lunar calendars
- Data backup: automatic data backup in the cloud, synchronization of multiple devices
- Family reminders: create on-time reminders of plans/events, important dates, never miss
- Privacy protection: password lock, protect your private data
- Theme skinning: a variety of skin types free to switch, default - yellow, elegant - green, auspicious - red, subtle - coffee

Contact me

Your suggestions are vital to us, any questions and suggestions, write in the comments section or contact me.

E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @Larry

◆ About HomeTime Premium subscription service

The service is a subscription-based fee-based service that you can choose to use on an annual, buyout basis.

The premium version (per year) is a subscription-based fee-based service, which means that you will be paid in advance for future subscription use. Currently you have the option to use the service on an annual basis. At the end of each subscription cycle, your subscription will automatically renew by default, unless you cancel the automatic renewal yourself or we cancel the service.

- Costs.
We currently offer a standard service price of ¥8 per year, ¥25 buyout for this service, which is subject to change during promotional periods. When a price adjustment occurs, the new charge will occur in your next subscription cycle.

- Refunds.
Subscriptions and one-time buyout fees for the current period will not be refundable. Be sure to make sure the feature service meets your needs.

- Unsubscribe.
To cancel a renewal, please operate the cancellation at least 24 hours in advance. You can cancel by opening System Settings - Click on Apple ID - Click on Subscribe - Select HomeTime Premium and cancel your subscription.

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