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** GeoFencing, iBeacons, Automation **
HomeMate is a highly customizable automation system. Control X10 devices, and more, like your lights, curtains/blinds, heating, locks, and more - simply enter the URLs that it needs to call, and enter the world of automation.

Apple Watch upgrade now available for purchase.

Here are just some of the things HomeMate can make your life easier:
* Use iBeacons for indoor location sensing; turn on your lights as you walk in.
* Change your device icons to be more meaningful to you. Select from a wide range of custom icons, or download community built packages from the web.

- NOTE: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Full list of Features:

* Multiple device support - store configuration in Google Drive to load your look and feel on another iOS device.

* GeoFencing - activate scenes upon entering or leaving different physical locations.

* iBeacons - indoor location sensing to interact with your devices via your iDevice (IOS7/8).

* Create shortcuts (anchors) for your most commonly used buttons.

* Set different background images, including the ability to choose your own photos.

* And much more.

We are under active development, with many new features planned. We won't give away all, but stay tuned for more exciting changes, including voice control.
Cyapse Ltd