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@Home Legacy 1.0

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@Home Legacy 1.0

Dear App-Users,

@Home 2.0 is released as a new app in the App Store, presented by "Geralds App-Manufaktur".

This version 1.x will remain available in the App Store until February 2020 and will be updated until then.

The recently removed feature "IPSec VPN" is part of the newly released app @Home 2.0. Due to legal requirements and also for technical reasons it can not be enabled in this version of the app.

I invite all App-Users to download the new version @Home 2.0 for free from the App Store. Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer previously made In-App purchases from version 1.x to 2.0.

Gerald Klunker, 23 February 2019


With @Home you have control of the central functions of home automation system Homematic (eQ-3 AG). A lean and simple kept app for the essentials!

Access to Homematic CCU via

• internal URL via WiFi
• external URL (e.g. Dynamic DNS, Port Forwarding to Reverse Proxy)
• CloudMatic Connect

Other Features:

• Display and confirm Alarm and Service Messages
• Display, execute, activate and deactivate programs
• Display and set system variables
• Display CCU system log
• Optional simple list view or hierarchical group view of rooms, subsections, devices and favorites
• Renaming, sorting and hiding of all elements
• Access protection by password check, Touch ID or Face ID
• Night-Mode
• CCU Push Notifications
• Lock all Settings (for VIP Subscriber)

System requirements:

• Homematic CCU from eQ-3
• Compatible clones running WebUI, e.g. RaspberryMatic should work too. Give it a try!
• Device must already be configured
• A configuration of devices and CCU via @Home is not possible!

The following devices are supported:

• Switch
• Key
• Dimmer
• Blind & Blind with Slats
• KeyMatic
• WinMatic
• Door Shutter Contact
• Window Rotary Handle Sensor
• LED status monitor
• RGBW Controller
• Dual-White-Controller
• wired I/O-Modules
• Indoor Siren
• Siren and Flash Actuator
• Chime
• Smoke detector
• Inclination sensor
• Rain sensor
• Water sensor
• Motion Detector
• Passage Sensor with Direction Recognition
• Presence Detector
• Light Sensor
• Sensor for carbon dioxide
• Capacitive Filling Level Sensor
• Energy Meter Sensor
• Shutter Contact (12-channel)
• Vibration/Acceleration Sensor
• Floor Heating Actuator
• Group heating control
• Radiator Thermostat & Valve Drive
• Room Thermostat
• Temperature and Humidity Sensor
• Weather Station
• Weather Data Sensor OC 3
• Switch actuator with power measurement
• Status Monitor
• Acceleration sensor
• Garage door switch
• Power failure monitoring
• Osram Lightify
• Philips Hue

@Home is still evolving!
Suggestions are welcome!
Contact me!
Gerald Klunker