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With @Home you have control of the central functions of home automation system Homematic (eQ-3 AG). A lean and simple kept app for the essentials!


- Monitor and control Homematic devices
- Display and analyse CCU diagrams
- Receive and confirm alarm and service messages
- Run, activate and deactivate CCU programs
- Check and change system variables
- Check system log

iOS Integration

• CCU Push Notifications
• Siri Shortcuts
• Geofencing

Adapt @Home to your own ideas

• Background images, transparency and blur effects
• Rename, sort and hide elements
• Adjust the size of titles and column widths
• Export, distribute and import settings, e.g. via iCloud Drive
• Lock settings to protect against unauthorised changes, e.g. by family members
• Access protection through password query, Touch ID or Face ID

Access to Homematic CCU via

• internal URL via WiFi or IPSec VPN
• external URL (e.g. Dynamic DNS, Port Forwarding to Reverse Proxy)
• CloudMatic Connect

System requirements:

• Homematic CCU from eQ-3
• Compatible clones running WebUI, e.g. RaspberryMatic should work too. Give it a try!
• CCU and devices must already be configured. A configuration with @Home is not possible!

@Home is still evolving!
Suggestions are welcome!
Contact me!
Geralds App-Manufaktur UG (haftungsbeschränkt)