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Home Calculator

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Home Calculator

Home Calculator

Works with iPhone 5+, iPad 2+ and apple watch

Features :
- Sales Tax calculator
- Tip / Gratuity Calculator
- Unit Conversions
- Loan Calculator

- apple watch app

Sales tax is the money paid to a government for the sales of any good or service.
Some goods and services may subjected to this tax and some may not.
Normally the government let the merchant or seller of the good or service to collect the tax from you on behalf of the government.

Each countries may use different name for the sales tax, such as GST (goods & services tax), VAT (value added tax) etc.

Every country in the world collect this sales tax. In some countries, the listed prices for the goods and services are exclusive of tax value. That means you may have to pay more than the display price on the item. So when purchasing, the sales tax will be added to the display price.
In other countries, the display prices are inclusive of tax value, which includes the sales tax and you only have to pay the display price on the item.

The sales tax rate for European countries ranges from 0% to 30%. The sales tax rate in the United State ranges from 0% to 20%. In China tax rate ranges from 0% to 25%. (these values can be change due to various reasons)

And its always good to know what and how much you are paying for goods and services, and this app will help you to find just that.
Ovitigala Hewage