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Holy Bible in Russian

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Holy Bible in Russian

The Russian Holy Bible app (Синодальный перевод) is an E-Bible application that can be used by any Russian-speaking Christians around any part of the world.

The Russian Holy Bible app teaches us the parables of Jesus Christ, which emphasize love, compassion, and forgiveness.

There are many Russian-translated versions of the Bible, but the Russian Synodal Translation is the most widely used version of the Bible among Russian-speaking Orthodox Christians.

The Russian Holy Bible app comes in a pocket edition (mobile application), which is very convenient to use anywhere.

The Russian Holy Bible app can be read by all age groups. The Bible verses are translated in the most simple form, yet it gives an accurate meaning. It can be used for both self-study and public reading.

The app contains both reading and listening options, that is, the Bible verses are available in Russian language as well as Russian audio Bible.

The Russian Holy Bible is available in many forms, such as Russian Holy printed books, Russian Holy Bible digital editions, Russian audio Bible, Russian Holy Bible for kids, and Russian Holy and English parallel Bible.


• DAILY VERSE - Once you set the reminder, you will receive day-to-day notifications to read your daily Bible verses.

• MY LIBRARY - It is like the personal space of the user, as it contains all the highlighted points and notes you make from reading the Bible. You can also bookmark the verses that you love.

• It includes both the Old and NEW Testaments.

• AUDIO BIBLE - Listen to the words of the lord in audio format.

• Social Media Post - Bible verses with images are available; you can choose your favourite verse and share it with your friends and family on social media.

• WALLPAPERS - Many beautiful varieties are available, and you can download anything for free.

• VIDEOS - It has animated Biblical videos on so many topics, such as Jesus, Sad, Hope, Blessings, Alone, Wisdom, Motivation, Gratitude, Blessings, God’s Promises, forgiveness, healing, and considerably more.

• Miracle Prayer - It has many different prayers according to all our wants, for example, morning prayer, bedtime prayer for healing, and much more.

• BIBLE STORIES - Bible stories for kids are available in a separate folder.

• Festive Calendar - It displays all the festive days.

• MORE APPS - Leads to other available Bible versions.

• QUOTES - It has Bible quotes in the form of images and text that can be shared on social media with your friends and family.