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HoloWatch 2

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HoloWatch 2

- See 3D dinosaurs, a giant spider, jumping puppy, Gangnam Style dancing, world famous landmarks - and more!

- Create your own 3D holograms from your portrait photos - like in a Sci-fi movie.

- No Apple Watch? See the 3D models in your room - put a giant spider on the wall.

- Comments from our users on social media for the original HoloWatch:
"Pretty cool :-)"
"I love this app"
"My grandson loves these!"
"I have that app too. The kids love it."
"cool , that's a great idea"
"The spider one freaked me out because it actually jumps"
"I think it's cute and my nephews are going to adore it"

How to:

To see on your wrist use open the App on your iPhone and then on your Apple Watch, point your iPhone at your Apple Watch screen. Your watch must show the target image to activate the 3D image on your iPhone.


Due to switching to the ARKit technology for AR we could not update the original HoloWatch App in the AppStore; as updates must support the original users of the App (some of which may not have been able to run ARKit).
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