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HODL Wallet

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HODL Wallet

HODL Wallet is a Bitcoin wallet that makes it simple and easy to send, receive, and store bitcoin. It is the best tool for empowering yourself to hold your own funds securely. Your Bitcoin are stored on your device and backed up to a Backup Recovery Key when you create a wallet. This means HODL Wallet can never stop you from accessing or sending your funds.

HODL Wallet is free, open source, and doesn't require you to create an account.

Other features include:

- Monitor the Bitcoin Price
- Detailed Transaction History
- Advanced fee estimation & the ability to set your own custom fee
- Hodl Wallet is an SPV wallet connecting you directly to the Bitcoin Network
- Segwit enabled & Bech 32 addresses are standard
- Choose to connect to your own node in advance settings
- Sweep a bitcoin private key or paper wallet
- Over 100 local currencies supported
- Use facer or touch ID to login and send bitcoin
- HODL Wallet is private. No information is required to get started and create a wallet.
Hodl Wallet Inc