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Hockey Lights for Philips Hue

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Hockey Lights for Philips Hue

Hockey Lights uses Philips Hue Lights to create an immersive experience when your favorite team scores, just like it would be if you were at the game.

NOTE: This app no longer requires having a Philips Hue bridge and entertainment lighting to use. If there is no bridge the horns will still be available using the my teams play button or the Apple Watch. Live goal scoring updates will trigger the lights and/or Horn depending on your setup. If you are connected to a bridge and the lights are not working make sure you have an Entertainment selection set in the Hockey Goal Smart Lights settings. If you don't have Hue Lights go out and get them, it really makes you feel like you're at the game.

- Choose from all NHL teams
- Each team has its own goal horn / song and light show.
- Live scoring updates where horn and lights will trigger automatically when one of your favorite teams scores. Note: Goal triggers will occur between 20-30 seconds after a goal is scored. If you are watching the game live, pausing the game for 20-30 seconds will give you a more real-time goal effect. App must be running in the background for goals to trigger.
- Team colors will be shown after the horn completes with the option to set your own hue scene.
- Great for goal notifications for other teams you follow.
- Trigger the lights and horn in the app, or the on the Apple Watch.
- Turn off lights and / or sound by team.
- You can send the goal horn throughout the house with Airplay 2 and bluetooth
- Apple Watch app - Now you can trigger a team goal right from the watch.
- Rich Notifications - When team scores a goal that exists in myTeams a notification will be sent with the team that scored, the goal scorer, assists by, current score, and current period.
- Apple Watch notifications support.
Joe Rivelli