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Hobson Random insult generator with a touch of class

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Hobson Random insult generator with a touch of class

Hobson is a quintessentially British app that generates insults using classic innuendo without swearing. It is an exquisite and rare combination of high polish and immature functionality. We felt that building an app to make people laugh would be a great thing to do.

A comedy entertainment App unlike any other, Hobson is polished to a ridiculous degree. It creates endless hilarious quips that can be shared with friends as Hobson cards, or stashed for later perusal.

Characterful animations and great attention to detail make the App a clear stand-out that will keep you tapping as you find more and more phrases that make you laugh out loud.

The included Apple Watch Glance and iPhone Today Widget will show a random selection from your Favourites. The Apple Watch app lets you tap through new insults and favourite the best.
Favourites Glance
Quickly view a random selection from one of your favourite insults. Perfect for making you smile in a dull moment, or conjuring up the right mental picture for a difficult situation.
Quick One On The Wrist
Open the App to tap through new random insults wherever you are. Synchronises with the iPhone App's display.
Add Favourites
Tap the Star icon to favourite the current insult. Favourites can be viewed and shared in the iPhone App.
Montana Floss Co.

An independent App developer in Gloucestershire, UK.