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Hobo is green, economical and flexible last-mile transportation for dense
urban areas. It provides a fun and healthy way to experience your city.

- Download the Hobo app
- Fill in your details to register
- Find the nearest Hobo scooter
- Scan the QR code to unlock it
- Ride your scooter to your destination and ''End Ride" by sliding the
button within the app.
- Payments are made directly with credit or debit cards
- Follow local regulations, use bike lanes where they are available, do not
ride on sidewalks and pedestrian areas
- Users must be 16 years or older to use and operate the scooters
- Leave the scooter at designated locations. Make sure the scooter is not parked as an
obstruction to the others.
- It is recommendable to wear a helmet during your ride
Use our network of hubs with partners conveniently located at some of
the most important spots around the city. We strive to make daily life an
enjoyable and healthy experience by providing an innovative and cool
way of movement in the city you love.

Features like:
- Gift codes
- Referral bonuses
- Wallet prepayments
- Exclusive Hobo Discounts
- Subscriptions

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