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HN Reader

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HN Reader

HN Reader is made for iOS 8 and entirely developed in Swift.

Never miss a news again, HN Reader feature a useful today widget which is refreshed every time you pull down the notification center. You can quickly read the latest titles and open Safari from there.

Apart from that, HN Reader fully works offline, the news feed is refreshed in background using the iOS background refresh feature and provide some solid caching mechanisms.

You can also save the article to the Safari Reading List with a simple cell swipe. The Safari Reading List is a powerful tool because each article added is saved for offline reading. In the future you'll be able to automatically send latest articles to the Safari Reading List.

Like any good Hacker News client HN Reader let you read the comments for any item.

It works on both iPhone & iPad with the same set of features.

At the moment HN Reader doesn't allow you to login with your Hacker News account, it's a read-only app. But this feature alongside some others will be added soon!

The applications is also totally open source, so if you want to add some features or speedup the development of some others, you can!

The goal when I decided to begin the development of HN Reader was to create a new application from nothing entirely in Swift tailored for iOS 8. With the less amount of code possible. In future updates I want to stay true to this statement.
Thomas Ricouard