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HKTraffic Vivo

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HKTraffic Vivo

Simple and Intuitive design - HKTraffic Vivo is one of the first traffic apps that work with Apple Watch to show you the most updated traffic info in Hong Kong.

This app instantaneously shows all the traffic news, accidents, and real-time snapshots of traffic condition (Cameras), so you can quickly decide new route when stuck in congestion or plan ahead for your trip.

Bookmark your frequent destinations, HKTraffic Vivo can show you all the cameras and traffic news along your journey. You can also search routes to filter related traffic conditions.

Push Notification translates all traffic news into English to give you real-time information.

HKTraffic Vivo fully supports Apple Watch for the following cool features:

• Detailed traffic info and news of your favourite destination;
• Glance - show you the traffic Camera of your road ahead;
• Push Notifications - real-time news along with Camera and accident location;
• Force Touch - report traffic incident.

After 1.5 years of research, design, servers setup, advice from professionals around the world, and months of coding, we proudly present this innovative masterpiece to you.  This app marks a milestone of our achievements, after our best selling apps HKTraffic and HKTraffic Classic.

If there’s any suggestions or advice, please feel free to contact us by

How to use bookmark feature?
Bookmark feature filters all traffic news between you and the bookmarked destination(s). It is required that the GPS location service is turned on.

Can I read traffic news in Traditional Chinese?
Yes. In Settings > HKTraffic > Language of Traffic News, select 中文.

How to show Map labels in Chinese?
In Settings > Maps > Map Labels > Always in English, turn it off.
Shun Wan Tang