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From smart heating to EV charging and so much more, Hive makes it easy to cut costs and carbon – all from your smartphone. Already trusted by more than 2 million customers, our clever technology is changing the way homes use, store and generate energy for the better. So we can get Britain living more sustainably every day.

Our better-than-ever app has even more features to make saving energy easier – all based on feedback from real Hive users.
• Personalise your dashboard to show your most-used devices first for quicker control.
• Track budgets, check your history and discover more ways to save with Trends.
• Switch on your devices, set smart actions and control it all from the dashboard.
• Get everything you need to take control of your heating with the best-selling Hive Thermostat - or choose the Hive Thermostat Mini for all the benefits at an even more affordable price.
• Set energy-saving schedules, boost the temperature and get alerts if you’ve accidentally left the heating on.
• Save energy and protect your heating system with built-in features like Frost Protection and Holiday Mode.
• Boost your control with smart Hive Radiator Valves and save by never heating a room you’re not using.
• Upgrade to Hive Heating Plus for even more ways to save, including insight tools, budget tracking and personalised recommendations.
• Make the switch to EV easier with Hive EV Charging, including a smart home charger, installation by British Gas and simple control via the Hive app.
• Pair it with any British Gas electricity tariff to access SmartCharge – our revolutionary scheduling tool that automatically charges at the greenest and cheapest times. Then, get any money you’ve saved credited on your next bill.
• Or if you’re a new customer, get exclusive access to FreeCharge for a year of free charging on us!
• See how much you’re spending in the Hive app and get real-time updates when your car’s ready to go.
• Set the mood with a swipe and get light where you need it with our ultra-efficient bulbs.
• Monitor power-hungry appliances with smart plugs, so you can see how much energy you’re using at any time.
• Link your whole smart home together with Motion Sensors and get it saving energy without lifting a finger.
• Get everything you need to power your home with greener, renewable energy, including solar panels, home battery, expert installation and full app control.
• Generate free green energy from the sun, store what you don’t use with a solar battery and sell any you don’t need back to the grid.
• Pair it with the Hive Solar Saver tariff from British Gas and save hundreds on your energy bills.

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