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At Hive, we don’t just think smart, we act smart. From lighting to heating, to charging up your electric vehicle, we create smart home devices and services for almost 2 million homes across the country. And as we focus our efforts on a more sustainable future, our Hive services can help with that, all while seamlessly connecting your home.

Manage your home with just the tap of our Hive app. With Hive Actions, you can connect all your devices. If you want to turn on the heating or boost your hot water with a quick press of the screen, you can do that. You can even set your lights to switch on when there’s motion detected after dark. However you want to set it up, it’s easy to do so.

By setting your devices to come on and off when you want, you can take greater control of the energy you’re using. So not only will you set up a super-smart home, but you’ll be able to do it without wasting energy too. We have a wide selection of Hive products to help with this.

• Our award-winning thermostat is the UK’s favourite smart thermostat
• Control your heating on the device, from the app or even with your voice
• Set schedules and get alerts, wherever you are
• Built-in Frost Protection works in the background to prevent problems in the winter
• Boost your heating with just a tap of the Hive app if you want a bit of extra warmth on a cold evening
• Save up to £110 per year when you combine it with Hive Heating Plus

• Smaller, sleeker and filled with all the perks of its older Hive sibling (Hive Thermostat) – it’s even won awards too!
• Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and the Hive app to give you greater control of your home and smart devices
• Simple design and reflective finishes will make it fit in with any home décor

• Syncs with your energy tariff via the Hive app so you’ll charge your EV when it’s at its cheapest
• Installed by trusted British Gas engineers
• View updates in real time via the Hive app

• Window and door sensors can monitor your home so you can relax when you’re out
• Notifications if a door or window is open will go straight to you via the Hive app
• If you want to set timers on lights or other home appliances, just set it in the Hive app when you use Hive plugs

• Spotlights, dimmable lights and colour-changing bulbs add some spice to your home’s lighting
• Turn them on or off, or schedule a time, just by tapping the app

• Our Hive Hub helps you connect all your Hive devices so you can manage it via your smartphone
• Need that extra bit of reach in the loft or basement? Boost your signal with the Hive Signal Booster to make sure every bit of your home is connected

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