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A gesture-based free app designed with the sole purpose of getting you to a passage in the Bible as quickly as possible, with as few taps as possible. HisWords sports a minimalist design and a clean interface built from the ground up, with every element of its interface customized solely for this app. Use gestures to navigate around the app to get to that verse you need as quickly as possible!

The app is crafted for lightning-fast reference to the Bible, either during Sunday service, or any time during the week when you're prompted with an inspirational verse. A book's chapter numbers are a tap or a swipe away, then scroll horizontally to your desired chapter number, tap on it, and you're presented with the text: full-screen and distraction-free. And if you so desire, you can search for a book by its name or sort the books alphabetically.

HisWords currently uses the English Standard Version (ESV) translation: one of the most widely-used English versions worldwide. It requires an internet connection in order to download, on-demand, the requested chapters. The app is optimized for both iPhones and iPads. iOS 8 or greater is required, as the app leverages the latest technologies from Apple.
Isaac Lim