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Historical landmark map

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Historical landmark map

You can make plans to search for historical sights, shrines, temples, etc. You can also look for sights by region, or see them as you went.
You can also pilgrimage to anime and dramas

This app is an application to share information on historical sights, shrines, temples, etc. with people who like history and sights. If there are facilities that are not yet registered, register them immediately and share information!

Share not-so-known historical sights more and more, and let's excite among users who like history and shrine!
You can exchange information with comments and enjoy the number of red stamps.

■ Search for sights around the current location and destinations
You can find the nearest historical sites, shrines, temples, etc. from where you are. You can also expand the range or find a place far away!
You can search for places in various ways, such as searching for free words or searching for categories such as temples, shrines, and sights.

■ Navigation function
All pins registered on the map, such as castles, shrines, and historical sights, are navigated by GPS from the current location. In addition to walking, it also supports train and car movement, so you can go around the sights by your favorite means of transportation.

■ On stamp stamp rally function
Equipped with stamp rally function, collect stamps by registering shrines of shrines and images of famous places in places you actually went!

■ In the premium plan, you can separate the display of pins and hide advertisements
There are three types of pin display: “Ocean / Castle Ruins”, “Shrine / Temple”, “Cemetery / Tumulus”, and no ads will be displayed.

[Premium plan]
To hide advertisements and color code pins, you must register for the “Premium Plan”.

[Price and period of premium plan]
* Prices are subject to change.
* The period is automatically renewed within one month from the date of application.

[Billing method]
You will be charged for your iTunes account and automatically renewed every month.

[Details of automatic update]
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・ The usage fee for the renewal subscription period (1 month) will be charged within 24 hours after the end of the subscription period.
・ Please keep in mind that if you subscribe to the advertising non-display option for a fee from the AppStore screen during the free trial period of the non-display option, the free trial period will end at that point and you will be charged.
[How to check registration status / cancel automatic update]
1. Open the Settings app
2. Select “iTunes & App Store”
3. Select "Apple ID: <email address>" displayed at the top of the screen.
4. Tap “Show Apple ID” in the pop-up that appears.
5. Sign in if necessary
6. Select the “Manage” button under the “Register” item
The currently registered monthly membership application is displayed. You can cancel the ad hide option here. Please note that you cannot cancel the ad hide option from within the app.

[Cancellation for the current month]
We do not accept cancellations for the current month with the option to hide ads.

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