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Have you ever gotten a lot of deadlines, until you need to give up your personal ‘me time’?
Or have you ever gotten urgent calls at dinner or sudden meetings at lunch break?
How do you feel?

That must be stressful for you. Soon you will be in fight or flight mode. You’ll either overwork yourself or choose to sleep instead of working on your tasks. In the end, no tasks are done, and you’re still in deep stress :(

Imagine gain control over all those stress simply by *breathing*.

Hirup is a mindful breathing app for remote workers to manage their stress. This activity will use the box-breathing technique and vibration as the guide. The app provides a calming atmosphere and mindfulness medium between work breaks to help you achieve the best of your day.

- Vibration guided box-breathing technique.
- Performance results and tips to enhance the breathing practice.
- Calming audiovisuals to help you in a relaxed state.
- Connect to Apple Health to keep on track with your Mindful Minutes.
- Daily Notification.
- Accessibility with localization and light-dark mode.
- Extends to Apple Watch to be guided anywhere anytime.

Our team iPhonetastic which consist of:
- Alvin Matthew Pratama (Project Manager, Coder)
- Denny Alfath (UX Researcher, Coder)
- Hesti Andriani (UI/UX Designer)
- Petter (Product Owner)
- Venny (UI/UX Designer)
- Zulfa Aliyah (UX Researcher, Coder)
Alvin Matthew Pratama