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HipLink Mobile

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HipLink Mobile

HipLink Mobile:
HipLink Mobile is an extension of the HipLink communication platform that provides maximum flexibility to optimize use
of smartphones and tablets for secure messaging and texting. Using HipLink Mobile, a User can have a priority view of
important alerts, receive fully-secure text messages, send secure messages, and execute actions remotely. Text
messages can be sent completely independent of a cellular data connection using Wi-Fi. In addition to interactive chat
messages like traditional SMS, the application can also receive an alert sent from a desktop, call center, or automatically
from a backend application.

Real-Time Mapping:
HipLink Mobile offers the ability to send alerts with real-time mapped target locations. Alerts are shown with a map
attached, from where Users not only see the directions, but also see who else is en route to the incident.

HipLink Mobile Features Include:
- Fully secure messages with confidentiality and integrity checks
- All networks operate on either carrier's data network or Wi-Fi
- Secure chat for conversational messaging with other Users
- Dedicated Alert inbox for HipLink messages sent from a desktop or application
- File attachments of all types supported
- All messages can be sent with increasing severity levels, each with distinguishing tones that can be defined by
the User
- Persistent alerting feature for emergency notification with settings override for high-priority alerts
- Unread messages reminders
- Auto Message Expiration allows for automatic message deletions
- Location coordinates can be attached to a message
- Conveniently change on-call or on-duty status
- Pre-programmed custom commands or templates available
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