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Hines Drive Status

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Hines Drive Status

Hines Drive is a road in Southeast Michigan that is a joy to drive, and saves countless drivers time on their commute. When it's open. Usually motorists only find out that it's closed when they happen upon the barriers that signal that the road is flooded. This app will help drivers "know before they go" and allow them to plan their commute.

This application helps users to find out whether Hines Drive, a popular Southeast Michigan road, is open to traffic. Users can check the application before getting in the car in order to plan their route ahead of time and plan for delays when Hines Drive is closed. It allows users to check for traffic issues in and around Hines Drive. A screen that shows the current weather and forecast for the next few days is also included so that users can see if a rainstorm is expected.

The app also comes with a Today widget so users can get the current status even more quickly!
T4 Software, Inc.