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Time to switch for an indigenous alternative for your all video conference and online meeting needs with the most advanced home-grown made in INDIA app HIND.

With easy to use hence safe & secured interface of HIND you can host:

- Free HD Video Conference
- Web Conference
- Online meeting
- Cloud Meeting
- Online Classes
- Remote Meeting
- Webinar

The quickest and easiest way to join conference calls from your mobile device with a few clicks on your screen.

HIND is created by Reca, for people who join multiple conference calls in a day, while traveling, or simply away from their computer, even if your Internet connection is slow.

How It Works:

Easily create room and invite people through WhatsApp.
Quickly join any conference call with a link click or directly with room name from the app.
Switch between video/voice call just with a toggle.

By downloading the Hind, you'll gain access to our newest and coolest features:-

(Some Key Features)

- No meeting length restrictions.
- Up to 100 participants can join a video conference.

- You can mute participants according to your convenience.
- You can Start the Chat with the feature- 'Everyone Starts Hidden'.
In this feature, all the participants who join the chat room will remain hidden to the other participants.
- You can enable the function- 'Everyone Follows Me'.
In this feature, everyone who joins the chat will automatically start following the Host.

- Users can adjust their video quality in case of low internet speed.
- Users can either download the app on their mobile devices from play store/app store or they can use the service by opening the link as a desktop site on their browser

**Our Technology that ensures your confidentiality

We use a p2p encryption system with 256-bit encryption and we use custom ports for every module to interact with each other inside the app.

We have not included recording and scheduling features so that in case our data is compromised, still, no one will be able to find out when the meeting took place and what happened during the meeting.

Conference calling has never been more comfortable!

Of course, while you're having your conference and meeting, know that this app is a work in progress. We're hoping to get your vital feedback as we add new enhancements and features to Hind.

Hind App is available on phones and tablets.

For more details about Hind see FAQ at
Aakash Priyadarshi