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HIIT Workout

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HIIT Workout

Weekly workout - your workout schedule in a week.

"Hi. I don't know you and nothing about you. But if you found this app and read it - you definitely an interesting person. Person which looks for new experience and new achievements. At the least, you want to change yourself. May be you are young and healthy, may be you are overweight or got indisposition or you are not young. But I don't care about all that things. You will get an interesting result if you start training with us. Our training programm it is an experience of many generations. Thousand of training hours has opened to us a lot of new things and one good friend of ours persuaded us  to put a part of our experience in this app for "home athlete".
Every year more people are looking for methods to develope themselves and their bodies with the minimum waste. Yeah, I understand when it takes so long to get to the gym and back - longer than the training itself. This is why we created this programm and here you need only 4 things: the chin-up bar, skipping-rope, kettlebell and you!
To get all these things is easy. But be careful: to do this isn't easy. And we don't promise you the cherished six-pack after a week of training, because it's just impossible. But I promise you will know a lot of interesting and new about yourself and your body. And if you exert an effort and your trainings will be regular, you will be pleasantly surprised with result as it happened many times before. And of course we want this program make you healthy and strong. We wish you good luck and good day and don't be afraid of anything! Never!"

Weekly workout - it's a workout course created by professional trainers.

This app includes balanced course of exercises for every day. It was developed by professionals with a great experience which they gained in sport and fitness for many years. All you need to do is to push "start" and follow the instructions. From week to week the intensity will be growing because of growing level of callisthenics. The app is good for both beginners and people who know what is "interval workout", "tabata workout" not by hearsay.

A course of workouts and description of exercises are created by people who got a great experience in sport and fitness. We understand that detailed description can't tell about all the nuances of exercise because everyone is unique. So in case of answers, difficulties we recommend you to consult a fitness trainer or other sport instructor

The application contains 5 training weeks:
- Test Drive (free)
- Let's Rock
- Fenix
- Battle Circle
- Hammer of Storm

You can also:
- You can modify the level of complexity from easy to "super" difficult.
- Every interval workout and every exercise has detailed description. Besides, every exercise has a video instruction. 
- Your achievements is saved in Workout Log in noticeable form.
- You can share your achievements on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.
- You can choose sounds for interval workouts to your taste.

The application supports Health app:
At your request, the data on completed training will be automatically added to the Health app.

We again wish you good luck and good day and don't be afraid of anything! Never!
Alexander Senin