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HIIT Workout Timer

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HIIT Workout Timer

HIIT Workout Timer is a great tool to organizer and performed timed workouts. It has an intuitive design that makes for an elegant user-experience.

Organize - You can create and save multiple different workouts, as per your preference. You can add the number of sets you want for each workout and even customize each set individually.

Workouts - Comes with 2 sample preloaded workouts. They represent the capabilities of the app, but can be deleted.

Gradients - The app offers beautiful gradients for the background that you can customize to reflect the mood of each set in a workout.

Voice Assist - Voice assist (a feature available in settings), guides you through an Interval Workout, but telling you when a set is coming to an end and the type of workout to perform in the next set. This enables you to keep your phone tucked away so you don't have to constantly check the screen for the time.

Music - It works seamlessly with the music from the iTunes app. You can choose a playlist or a song to play from within the app.

Apple Watch - App is compatible with the Apple Watch.

What to look forward to in the next update?
-A change in background choices, with the less popular gradients being replaced for fresh new ones.
Dhyaanesh Mullagur Rangasamy