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Hiit Monitor

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Hiit Monitor

This app measures and displays your heart rate in real time,
Supports efficient High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

HIIT is said to be several times more effective in reducing fat than general aerobic exercise in a short period of time.
However, in order to obtain the effect, it is necessary to perform high-intensity exercise and maintain the heart rate above a certain level.

By using this app, you can check the real-time heart rate obtained by AppleWatch on your iPhone.
Efficient exercise is possible because you can exercise while checking your current heart rate against the target heart rate.

・Real-time display of heart rate
The heart rate is obtained with the Apple Watch in a 1-second cycle, sent to the iPhone and displayed.
You can check your heart rate in real time on your iPhone.

・Manual setting of target heart rate
You can manually set your target heart rate.

・Optimal setting of target heart rate
The optimal heart rate is said to be 90% of your maximum heart rate.
 From the user's age, the maximum heart rate can be calculated and the optimal target heart rate can be set automatically.

This app integrates with HealthKit and measures your heart rate to monitor your health.
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