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HigherLower is a brain game about concentration, memory and reflex. This is a simple, intuitive but beautifully designed number's game with different level of complexity. It is fun, addicting and really engaging. Download and enjoy it with friends!

One number is given when the game starts, another one flashes on the screen
Swipe up if the current number is higher than the previous number
Swipe down if the current number is lower than the previous number
Do 1 or 2 above for subsequent numbers that flashes on the screen

To make gameplay more fun and increase in complexity, the numbers would be in three forms -
Numbers in figures e.g. 10
Numbers in letter e.g. Ten
Numbers in letters would be translated to 20 or more languages depending on language settings in iPhone
Expressions -e.g. 10 + 5

Game Modes
Time Mode - Race against time
Arcade Mode - Try not to swipe wrongly
Multiplayer Mode - Play with your friends or challenge them
Key Features
Game Center Integration - leaderboard, achievement, challenge
Multiplayer mode to make it more social and fun
Beautifully flat with sleek design (Intuitive UX + simple but pretty UI)
Beautiful animations
Localized for 20 or more languages.
Multiple Codes LLC