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High Hand Electrician Tools

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High Hand Electrician Tools

The High(Hi) Hand Electrician Tools is a simple App. Why I Call this App is Hi(High) Hand Tools . Because it will be including many tools inside as we are the J.W. or Apprentices every day use them get your job done and save your time. I use my hand-on experience develop the App. I hope you are love it .

--- 3.0

+ Update Support for all Devices

+ Adding a lot of the Conduits Bending Calculation. eg.
1. Parallel Offset
2. Roll Offset
3. Three Point Saddle
4. Regular Four Point Saddle
5. Unbalance Four Point Saddle
6. Parallel Kicks
7. Corner 45º
8. Circle Compound
9. Square Compound
10. Rectangle Compound
11. Segmented Compound for Any Angle you need it
12. Hard ware Chart Info.

+ Logic Programming Controller Based

Programmer Schematic

+ QR Code Scanning

+ iWatch
Regular Offset
3ø Motor Wires
3 , 6, 9 and 12 Leads
Y Wound & ∆ Wound Wiring

-- 2.0

+ iWatch App are Available Now

+ Update Circuit Color Code CTK number and more Countries (Europe , Malaysia , Australia ,China , HongKong , Singapore )

+ Update High Hand Protractor UI design

+ Adding The Conduit Fill and Boxes Fill Calculate

-- 1.0
+ Bending the conduit that we are almost every day must to do.

-90° Bends
-Back to Back 90° Bends
-Offsets Bends
-3-Bend Saddles
-4-Bend Saddles

+ Circuit Color Code not only the USA but also the Canada and more now , those Countries are including single Phase and Three phase , low Volts and high volts.

+Resistor Color Code

+ High Hand Protractor for you use to bend EMT/Rigid conduit accurate what degree you want to bending , precision reaches to 0.1 degree .

+ Calculate any single motor and get maximum overcurrent, maximum overload, minimum wire.(minimum conduit , and minimum bond wire size will be coming )

+ LED Flash lighting in you hand and easy to use

About the developer:
I m the 4th years student at IEC School now. (Finished Project: School Remodel , Full new Senior building , Church , Self-storage ,Lab ,Natural Gas field Ele. Work , Food Company(Remodel/New install),Industry Manufacture(Remodel/New install/D.E.M.O. , Lab...)

Summary of Skills
Reads and interprets drawings, blueprints, schematics ,diagrams;
Tests electrical and electronic equipment and components for continuity, Current, voltage and resistance, use the multimeter (Digital or Analog);
Experience working with EMT,Rigid Conduit,PVC,Liquid-Tight,Flexible,MC, Romex Cable Tray(Basket),Flowmeter,Control Panel,Power SW. ,MCC/VFD Driver, I/O makeup;
Troubleshooting system problems , PCB control and resolving electrical issues ,
Assemble and installs small to large electrical parts and pieces, soldering electronics,
Fixed appliances also (eg. air-conditioning, refrigerator, electric water heater, cooler);
Installs, examines, replaces or repairs electrical wiring, receptacles, switch boxes,
Feeders, coaxial cable assemblies, lighting fixtures and other electrical components;
Also know a little Solar Power System;
Basic knowledge of 2017 NEC and beginning ability to navigate it ;
1-phase/3-phase motor relays/contractor start/forward/reverse/stop circuitry control ;
Rewiring of the motor(1-phase/3-phase) coil
Low frequency power transformer design
HighEnd Audio Amplifier development and debugging
Drawing and design 2D & 3D blueprint use the AutoCAD and ArchiCAD ;
Computer Skill, Hardware fix ,System/Software instation, iWork, iOS App design …

So I use my Hand-On Experience Develop this App.

I hope you are love it and Please share The App for your friends.

Don't forget feel free to email to me([email protected]) advices.