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High Hand Electrician Tools

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High Hand Electrician Tools

The High(Hi) Hand Electrician Tools is a simple App. Why I Call this App is Hi(High) Hand Tools . Because it will be including many tools inside as we are the J.W. or Apprentices every day use them get your job done and save your time. I use my hand-on experience develop the App. I hope you are love it .

-- 2.0

+ iWatch App are Available Now

+ Update Circuit Color Code CTK number and more Countries (Europe , Malaysia , Australia ,China , HongKong , Singapore )

+ Update High Hand Protractor UI design

+ Adding The Conduit Fill and Boxes Fill Calculate

-- 1.0
+ Bending the conduit that we are almost every day must to do.

-90° Bends
-Back to Back 90° Bends
-Offsets Bends
-3-Bend Saddles
-4-Bend Saddles

+ Circuit Color Code not only the USA but also the Canada and more now , those Countries are including single Phase and Three phase , low Volts and high volts.

+Resistor Color Code

+ High Hand Protractor for you use to bend EMT/Rigid conduit accurate what degree you want to bending , precision reaches to 0.1 degree .

+ Calculate any single motor and get maximum overcurrent, maximum overload, minimum wire.(minimum conduit , and minimum bond wire size will be coming )

+ LED Flash lighting in you hand and easy to use

About the developer:
I m the 3rd years student at IEC School now. (Finished Project: School Remodel , Full new Senior building , Church , Self-storage ,Lab ,Natural Gas field Ele. Work , Food Company(Remodel/New install),Industry Manufacture(Remodel/New install/D.E.M.O. , Lab...)

Summary of Skills
Reads and interprets drawings, blueprints, schematics ,diagrams;
Tests electrical and electronic equipment and components for continuity, Current, voltage and resistance, use the multimeter (Digital or Analog);
Experience working with EMT,Rigid Conduit,PVC,Liquid-Tight,Flexible,MC, Romex Cable Tray(Basket),Flowmeter,Control Panel,Power SW. ,MCC/VFD Driver, I/O makeup;
Troubleshooting system problems , PCB control and resolving electrical issues ,
Assemble and installs small to large electrical parts and pieces, soldering electronics,
Fixed appliances also (eg. air-conditioning, refrigerator, electric water heater, cooler);
Installs, examines, replaces or repairs electrical wiring, receptacles, switch boxes,
Feeders, coaxial cable assemblies, lighting fixtures and other electrical components;
Also know a little Solar Power System;
Basic knowledge of 2017 NEC and beginning ability to navigate it ;
1-phase/3-phase motor relays/contractor start/forward/reverse/stop circuitry control ;
Rewiring of the motor(1-phase/3-phase) coil
Low frequency power transformer design
HighEnd Audio Amplifier development and debugging
Drawing and design 2D & 3D blueprint use the AutoCAD and ArchiCAD ;
Computer Skill, Hardware fix ,System/Software instation, iWork, iOS App design …

So I use my Hand-On Experience Develop this App.

Friendly remind all The User . Because I spend a lot of time for developer(program) the App and I do not need you are guys pay me the big price just buy me a coffee I will very happy, also you are encourage me to adding more usefully function inside keep the App more and more better.

I hope you are love it and Please share The App for your friends.

Don't forget feel free to email to me( advices.