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High Five

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High Five

TOP-5 events are given to you daily providing you with the best party choice, no matter where you are! - a large agenda aggregator - is here to make life of the party lover much more comfortable. High Five was especially designed to meet the needs of dynamic and busy wolves of the night:
- Shows events relevant to your location
- Instantly gives an access to the map
- Extremely easy to use
- Ideal for spontaneous nights out or weekend getaways!

More about
When the wolf howls, the party starts and guides your pack to the best party in town. is your up-to-date party menu gathering worldwide events. Whether you’re looking for an underground party on Friday night or planning your city trip to Barcelona, we have selected the world’s best entertainment. Wherever you are - or intend to be - unleash your inner wolf and catch the best parties around.

Our story:
At around midnight on a cold December night a group of friends realised that their evening was messed up...

Having set off together into the night to find a Brussels’ party worthy of remembering the next day, they soon found themselves back at home complaining about the lack of vital information for partygoers which had stumped them that particular evening: “What’s on and what’s good?”. The utopia-like idea came to their minds - creating a trustworthy and high quality party aggregator so that no one ever has to face the torture of the dead-end called ‘no party tonight’.

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