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HidrateSpark Water Tracker

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HidrateSpark Water Tracker

HidrateSpark has helped over 1 million people drink more water and live healthier!

HidrateSpark uses psychology to help you drink more water and create a lasting hydration habit. It takes the guesswork out of how much water you should drink by calculating a personalized daily goal for you. Stay on track with simple beverage tracking, helpful reminders throughout the day to take a sip, and trophies to celebrate your progress.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, avoid pesky headaches, increase your energy levels, improve your mood, clear your skin, and enhance your physical performance & productivity by drinking more water with HidrateSpark.

Key Features:
Track your water intake
Smart drink water reminders throughout your day, customize your schedule
Daily water goal automatically calculated based on your weight, age, height, sex, activity level, weather and more
Track water, tea, and coffee
Compete with friends
Fun healthy hydration challenges
Unlock trophies
Apple Watch app
Apple Health integration + other popular health and fitness apps
Home screen Widgets
Hydration Streak: how many days in a row can you meet your goal?
Hydration history calendar
Oz / Ml measurement units
Hourly hydration goals for optimal hydration
Pulsing green target to keep you on pace to meet your goal
Compatible with connected HidrateSpark smart water bottles to automatically track your water (Not required)
Change the glow colors for your HidrateSpark PRO smart water bottle
Dark mode or light mode

Benefits of hydration:
Weight loss
Healthy skin
Improves productivity & mood
Improves physical performance
Relieves fatigue & boosts energy
Improves sleep quality
Avoid headaches
Healthier heart, immune system & brain
Regulates blood pressure & body temperature
Lubricates joints
Aids in digestion
Helps remove waste products
Delivers nutrients and oxygen to cells
Aids in kidney stone prevention

Are you always busy and on the go, or find yourself forgetting to drink enough water? You’re not alone, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. Don’t just hydrate when you feel thirsty. Hydration is essential for the human body. Learn to sip consistently throughout the day with personalized daily & hourly hydration goals calculated by the HidrateSpark App. Never forget to drink water with entertaining drink reminders that motivate you to drink throughout the day. Add friends and join challenges to compete against others and yourself for added accountability.

The HidrateSpark App also integrates with our easy to use HidrateSpark smart water bottles that keep track of how much water you drink, light up and glow to remind you to drink, and sync your water records via Bluetooth or NFC so you can see your progress. The app does NOT require a bottle to be used, but our smart bottles glow to remind you to drink and make tracking your intake easier.

NOTE: HidrateSpark is not a medical app. Recommended water intake goal is just an estimate. Please consult your healthcare provider if you want to use it for medical purposes or to obtain specific hydration needs.
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