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【HiDo】 is a health center through the application of apple (Health) heart rate, active energy and other data, used to measure the love and happiness of the software.

Do you want to know that she / he loves you?
Do you want to know why she / he loves you?
Do you want to know the degree to which she / he loves you?
When we are in the future, we want to give our love to each other, and let her / him know what we want.Sometimes we try our minds and maybe we don't get a better answer.So we according to the principles of physiology and psychology, as well as with the applewatch precision sensor for "love" developed this software.Through the intelligent operation mode of love into the process of blooming beautiful.The more warm love, the more sweet love, then all kinds of beautiful flowers will bloom for your love.The beauty of the flower means your heart's love and happiness, and we hope that this software can help you to express your love more clearly and deeply.
【 the basic functions】
1, real-time measurement of heart rate, that is, he / she and your heart rate index;
2, orgasm (high) intelligent detection and evaluation;
3, the burning of fat and calorie burning records;
4, year, month, day happiness record statistics;
5, sweet talk function;
6, private photo album function;
7, skin function;
8.Synchronous data from apple health (Health App).

Other tips:
This software requires at least one applewatch and one iPhone mobile phone that can be paired. In addition, the software was also supported in part with real-time heart rate monitoring bracelet movement and inserted with wearable devices, before use, please with Bluetooth devices are connected to the corresponding to your iPhone app, and in a state of real-time heart rate measurement.