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Hi-Res music player-NePLAYER

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Hi-Res music player-NePLAYER

■ Features
(1) Play High-Resolution Sound on your iPhone!
You can easily play high-res sound sources on your iPhone.
It's not just a music player, it's also equipped with the following various functions.

■・Playing high-res AudioFile
Equipped with a real-time visualizer, you can check the playback quality.
Playing FLAC, WAV, ALAC and DSD AudioFile(Max 32bit/768kHz,11.2MHz)
Support DSD playing both DoP and PCM playback, be enjoyed with PCM conversion playback at a sampling rate of 705.6kHz (integer multiples).
*FLAC and ALAC formats are supported up to 32bit/384kHz.

■Play audio with USB device
Supports output to Lightning USB-DAC.
and, Support DSD over PCM (DoP) via USB.
*Compatible equipment is required for DSD Native playback.

■Equalizer/Surround Effect
You can create your own sound using Preset EQ,10, 15Band Graphic EQ, and Spline EQ.
Surround Effect/
You can add spatial effects from presets.

(2) Quickly find songs with format sorting
Even large libraries can be easily discovered.

■Sort by Audio format
DSD, FLAC, WAV, AAC...etc. You can sort by Audio format.
In addition, you can sort by "playlist", "album", "artist", "song", etc.
Besides the iTunes/Apple ID sync library, the player has an internal song library. Each library is independent.
(App library is synced via in-app file sharing)

■“Quick” playback function
You can create a "Quick" shortcut on your home or tab bar.
This feature allows you to customize file location selection and post-actions.
You can control 'Open File Location', 'Open Location and Play', and 'Add to Next Song'.
With one action, you can play your favorite song.

(3)Network Play
NePLAYER can play music from DLNA compatible devices, and play music from NAS.

■Use with DLNA
Using DLNA, you can transmit and play high-resolution audio wirelessly without down-converting. You can also remotely control a NAS within the same network and play stored songs.
(Maximum PCM: 24bit/192kHz)
*DLNA is only compatible with iOS paid version apps
*Supported format/maximum performance depends on the connected device.
*Depending on the communication speed of the network used, the sound may be interrupted or the connection may be terminated.
*DSD files do not support DLNA playback.

[Other features]
・High-resolution free song samples
・Audio upsampling function
・Song fade in/fade out
・Gapless playback
・Automatic playback after call ends

・Song search
・Create playlist,Import/Output *1
・Shuffle, repeat play (1/all songs)
・Display next song list
・Connected device information display
・Display jacket image
・Display of song file information
・Lyrics display function (embedded lyrics data)
・Supports import via AirDrop
・Compatible with Apple Watch
・Supports display in 3 languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (simplified/traditional)
*1: Can be created for songs in each library. Playlists created within the application are not synced to iTunes.

*If you delete a song within the application, you cannot restore the song from the application. We recommend that you always make a backup.

---External service cooperation
・Downloading songs of purchased from mora, e-onkyo music, OTOTOY
・Link to Apple Music
*An active Apple Music account is required to use Apple Music service.
*Equalizer, surround, and upsampling functions cannot be used together with the Apple Music streaming service.
**Note: The Spotify linked service has ended on May 31, 2023.

[Supported file formats]
*Songs protected by DRM cannot be played.

[Supported OS]
iOS11 or later / watchOS3.0 or later
*We recommend using the latest version of iOS.
*Note: There are legacy models on which the app can be installed, but since the CPU is largely unavailable during playback, playback problems may occur.
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