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# General Description
You can do interval workouts in the gym, while jogging or at home with your own body weight. The HI(I)T timer sets the pace and acts as your digital trainer.

Simply set the number and duration of the exercises, the length of the break between the exercises, as well as the number of laps and the length of the break between the laps and you can start.

# Workout History
You can always view your completed workouts in the history. If you performed a workout on the Apple Watch, a corresponding entry will be added to the history on your iPhone.

# In-App Purchases
The trail version supports 5 free workouts. You can unlock unlimited workouts through in-app purchases.

Pay once and always train. No subscription!!

If you use an Apple Watch, you can transfer the purchases to your Apple Watch. Open the iPhone App, got to purchases and press the "Transfer" button.

# Supported Devices
One App for all of your Apple Devices: iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad.

Coming soon on Mac and AppleTV!

# Health
If you use the watch app, the calories burned and heart rate are measured and transferred to the health app. In the watch app you have the opportunity to check your burned calories and heart rate during the workout.

If you start the watch app for the first time, you will be asked to release the corresponding information for health. If you do not share any data, the heart rate and the calories burned cannot be measured and displayed.

You can change the settings at any time in the Health iPhone app.

Have fun exercising.
Andreas Simon