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Hermitage Museum Visitor Guide

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Hermitage Museum Visitor Guide

After collecting travellers info about The Hermitage Museum, we have developed this guide based on visitors advice and stories.

Mobile guide 100% offline developed for all those travellers willing to discover the great master pieces of all centuries.

- Hermitage Theatre
- Winter Palace
- General Staff Building
- Palace Square
- Menshikov Palace
- Egyptian antiquities
- Classical antiquities
- Prehistoric art
- Jewelry and decorative art
- Italian Renaissance
- Italian and Spanish fine art
- c. XII y XVIII Flemish Art
- Knight's Hall
- Dutch Golden Age and Flemish Baroque
- Access to a complete Travel Guide of the city of St Petersburg, Russia, with public transportation and zoomable street maps 100% offline, metro routing app with daily itineraries to spend the most of your time visiting this magnificent city.

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